Labrada BCAA POWER Fermented – 30 Servings


  • 100% Fermented BCAAs for Maximum Purity
  • 7g BCAAs
  • 3g Glutamine
  • With Electrolytes
  • Vegan Friendly
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LABRADA BCAA POWER is a delicious BCAA powdered drink mix made using highest quality, pharmaceutical grade, fermented BCAA amino acids, fermented L-glutamine, plus electrolytes. The 2:1:1 ratio BCAA blend (2 leucine: 1 isoleucine: 1 valine) contained in BCAA POWER has been shown to be the optimum ratio in providing both amino acids as building blocks AND taking advantage of leucine’s role as an anabolic signal in the muscle cell. Taking this BCAA combination immediately prior to, or during exercise will prime your muscles to respond to your training.

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Cherry Lemonade, orange mango, Strawberry

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Labrada BCAA POWER Fermented - 30 Servings


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